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1. 4g high-quality bud
2. x1 micron bag

3. x1 hand-crank  rosin press machine

4. x1 sheet of parchment paper

5. x1 rosin collection or dabbing tool

Pressing your own rosin at home is cheap to get started, with everything in the list above cost under $450. Once you pay the initial start-up costs, the only other ongoing costs are your replacement micron bags, greaseproof paper and bud. To extract rosin it’s important you use high-quality bud/flower.

ECO Farm 4 Ton Power KP4 Dual Heating Plates  Electric Rosin Press


1. Adjustable Pressure: The maximum pressure can reach 4 tons, which is easy to adjust and can be suppressed quickly.

2. Oversize Heating Plate: Faster and more convenient to use. 800W power, faster heating speed.

ECO Farm Household  Manual Rosin Press  6*9 CM AP2109 Heat Press

1. Teflon coated aluminium heat plate, more even heating and smoothier surface.

2. Sucking disc pad, fix the machine on the table well.

3. Metal material pressure knobs, easy to adjust the pressure.

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