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ÿþWhile Nike was going converse shoes all-in on Air cushioning, ASICS Tiger had been quietly cooking up some marvelous technologies to get runners excited at their research lab in Kobe, Japan. Better than walking on air? After extensive testing in real-life running experiments, ASICS pursued an alternative to the impact-softening power of air systems: Silicone-based gel, manufactured by Japanese company Taica under the name Alpha GEL. The material already worked wonders in ball point pens and rocket technology. Injected into the EVA midsole of running shoes, Alpha GEL proved effective in diverting the vertical forces of impact during running into horizontal meaning forward-pushing leverage. The rest is history.

Meanwhile, the Miami Beach version gives a nod to the Miami Dolphins team with an orange and white upper composed of breezy micro-perforated nubuck and woven mesh. Turn off the lights, and it'll glow. Night running was the inspiration behind this summer 2014 release of the Asics GEL-Lyte V: During the day, the release struck a stylish note with a grey suede upper, some red reflective accents and a dark grey speckled midsole. But viewed at night, it cranks up the heat with reflective stripe accents and lace imprints, converse high tops while the red sleeve really comes to live. Wait, who's stealing the spotlight again? As the (sneaker) world prepares for the arrival of the GEL-Lyte III's 25th anniversary, the other fan favorite takes center stage: Released in October 2014, The Good Will Out x Asics GEL-Lyte V "Kojo" drew inspiration from nature. "The Kojo is inspired by the colour of the Japanese autumn leaves.

Koyo is converse womens to the Japanese autumn what cherry blossoms (Sakura) are to spring." This collobaration featured a burgundy and red upper, made of premium nubuck leather, with carefully chosen color splashes throughout. Let's get this party started. This January 2015 release in collaboration with Japanese sneaker store Mita kicked off festivities for the Asics GEL-Lyte III's 25th anniversary. Straight out the gate, it set the bar high for what special anniversary releases needed to deliver: premium materials, lush colorways, carefully appointed color contrasts (that red outsole!), and finer details like branded lace tips. Way to get the ball rolling. Blink and you missed it! The good folks at Afew store landed a classic with the Asics GEL-Lyte III "Koi" and made the cover of our summer 2015 issue.

The year 2016 saw converse cdg a huge streetwear craze for "souvenir jackets," basically aviator jackets with Japanese-style lettering and embroidery, made famous by U.S. soldiers in the aftermath of WW II. Bringing these stylistic elements to footwear, ASICS teamed up with BEAMS and MITA to create a "souvenir jacket" themed GEL-Lyte III. The upper is made from a mix of black Suede and quilted textile and sits on a black midsole with a green contrasting outer sole. The heel, the side and the split tongue feature embroidered logos and a "Japan" tag characteristic for souvenir jackets. Nice story, nice shoe. Ultra-limited. For its 25th anniversary, Milanese art gallery 10 Corso Como took the ASICS GEL-Lyte III into the territory of high art in a highly limited run: Only 50 pairs of the black-and-white 10 Corso Como x ASICS GEL-Lyte III were produced.

All models of the run featured painting in the hand-lettered style of U.S. artist Kris Ruhs together with individual numbers on the heel. Pretty enough to put in a display case? First things first. Before the GEL-Lyte silhouette saw the light of day, 1986 marked the arrival of GEL technology in ASICS footwear. Celebrating the 30th anniversary, the company dropped the Gel-Lyte III and the Gel-Lyte V as well as the GT-Cool Xpress, which was the first shoe with visible Gel-Elements in the early 1990s. All three silhouettes are covered in black, which is broken by light blue accents and which is a sharp contrast to the clear white midsole. Upscale materials round out a nice birthday drop, and whet people's appetites for more festive releases. Taking it back to the classics.

ÿþSign in Get started Newsletter Issues Thoughts Projects Events Archive About Launching a new product? Is The War Against ASICs Worth Fighting? Derek converse white Hsue Follow Apr 4, 15 min read All cryptocurrency developers who build public proof-of-work blockchains have to face the same challenge: Bitmain, a China-based chipmaker with a monopoly over ASIC miner manufacturing. Bitmain's dominance over hash power and enormous influence is dangerous for peer-to-peer networks. It makes protocols vulnerable to censorship and rule-changes dictated by a single central authority, upsetting the checks and balances between the various stakeholders. And yet there are benefits to having ASICs on your network. Specialized hardware is extremely efficient, and boast far more [img] white-281tlt.jpg hash power, and thus security, per unit of electricity.

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